Most Manufacturers Progressive Lenses Available

Transitions & Reflection-Free Lenses

Polarized Sunglasses In Your Prescription

Large Selection of Value & Designer Frames

Replace Your Broken Frame

Add a New Prescription to Your Existing Frame

Have an In-House Lab

Accept Outside Dr. Prescriptions

Accept Most Insurance Plans

Offer Multiple Pair Discount & 

Value Eyeglass Package Starting at $99

Frames in Canton, Ohio

Plus, we...

All your Eyecare Needs. All in One Place. 

Eisenbrei Plaza Optical is your one stop for all of your eyecare needs. In addition to eye exams, frames and lens replacements, we'll add a new prescription to your existing  frames and adjust your glasses at any time. Plus, we have an in-store lab, which saves you time and money. Discover all of our service below. 

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Eye Exams

Contact Lens Service

Personal Consultations


Frame and Lens Replacement